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Great shots all of them, Sidney!


That's a scary costume. Chucky is quite a frightening little guy.

David Kapp

I remember the chucky movies from when I was younger. This is an awesome costume!


Scary picture of Chucky. Wonder if he would be willing to meet our Pinoy version of Chucky - Chaka the doll of GMA 7 - though she looks like a transvestite gone awry.


sarcasmGreat/sarcasm lol - now I'm gonna have nightmares! This guy scared me SO bad when I was about 6 I had nightmares for something like a year and a half!


This has been an excellent series! I have enjoyed visiting every day to see what marvels you have to show us. Thanks for sharing it with the world!


Oh no, it's Chucky! I knew that B@stard was still alive!!


YIPES! I really hate chucky; gave me nightmares ever since I was a kid! You captured it well here!


Great enjoyed series.


Ay! I was 5 when my sister rented Chucky's film, thinking it was a cartoon film. So scary! I was so traumatized I could'nt never see a doll again. Nice series, you capture the people behind the costume


I hate Chucky! My youngest son loved to watch the movies in that series and I got to the point that I couldn't stand them :)

Great series Sidney. I've really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful costumes, makeup and people. I had no idea that Halloween was even considered in the Philippines.


Chuckie has always frightened me! I'm not sure why, he's just a doll...but eek. I have always been afraid of those movies.


Oh my! That is the CREEPIEST costume by far!


Bbbbrrrrrr !!..


Hey, super, Chucky.


hahahaha, it's chucky the Philippines.

How did you get everyone to pose for you?


cool, spooky series! it's amazing how much time, creativity and oomph these people have put into such a non-purely filipino tradition. galing talaga ng pinoy (wups! i hope you understand that) :)


I am impressed with the effort people showed. Many people I know just get a funny hat and call it a costume.
And nice job capturing all these strange and interesting outfits.


Heh, I have seen this guy in town yesterday! Wondering how he got to you so quickly!?


The Chucky costume is sweet. Thanks for sharing the Halloween photos. It's nice to see how other cultures celebrate the same event.


Thanks for the tour. I really enjoyed your Halloween series.
And yes Sidney I am pinoy. Thanks for your generous comments.


Freaky display. The Chucky movie really did scare me as a kid! There's just something about dolls.


hey chucky, i'm not scared, u just a toy:-P...i want more scary shots of holloween.:-))..... great capture, the costume is great look like real chucky:-))


Impressive! Are you attempting to scare your visitors? ;o)

Anna Lyn

OMG! This is a very scary picture!

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